Answering Your Solar Panel Questions From An Off-Grid Homeowners’ Perspective

Can Solar Panels REALLY Power A Normal Home?

Solar Panel Technology Has Outpaced Awareness.

While so many people are drawn to the concept of providing their own electricity, very few are aware of what is actually possible. Thanks to advancements made in solar panels, energy storage and energy-efficient appliances, one might genuinely be surprised to learn just what is possible.

Our home is an example of this.

We have lived on off-grid power since 2015 while still enjoying the modern conveniences of central air, multiple baths, electric dishwasher, etc. And I can tell you that technology has not gone backwards since 2015. What is available today is considerably more capable!

With a little bit of homework, planning and some input from people who have already gone through it and are currently living the solar way, you could power your home completely on solar.

Let us help you reach your vision!

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