Who We Are

Speaking bluntly…

GT Solar Consulting is the result of a series of ‘unexpected obstacles’.

When we started this endeavor, we had absolutely no experience with solar or new home construction. There was no network of experienced experts to rely on, nor cheerleaders to provide us encouragement.

In short, all we had was a commitment to finish a house and a whole lot of individual stubbornness.

The phrase, ‘it can’t be done’ became the fuel for our fire!

And it worked.

We moved in to our new home in December of 2015; a home with no power lines attached.

It hasn’t always been easy and mistakes were clearly made – something not unexpected when doing something so new. But I can tell you on a personal level, it has been incredibly rewarding. Assuming responsibility for providing our own power was one of the best things we have ever done.

Who We Are Not

GT Solar Concepts is not a group of solar engineers, nor are we any type of licensed installers. We are not affiliated with any solar companies and as such, our opinions are our own.

There is no monetary incentive to be biased towards any particular product or company.

Also, GT Solar Concepts was not trained in a classroom… but rather, learned by doing (with some definite trial and error). Some of the lessons we learned differ from current conventional thinking.

But this goes without saying, as our house is a home, not a lab.

What We Want To Offer You

It is our goal to share with you what we’ve learned and thereby, give you the highest chance of success for your solar endeavor.

Improvements in solar technology have outpaced awareness. And not just solar panels, but energy storage and energy efficient appliances as well.

What can be accomplished with today’s technology would probably shock and surprise you.

And we know this on a personal level as we have been doing the impossible since 2015.

Let us share with you what we have learned and hopefully, you can forge your own path towards providing for your own energy needs.

Send us an email for a general inquiry or to schedule a 35 minute online consultation.

THANK YOU for sharing :)